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    HEALBE™ created the GoBe2 Band to Measure exercise & inspire Individuals, Couples & individuals in order to maintain dynamic Lifestyles


    The brief Version: using its wearable technologies HEALBE will change the means singles, lovers, and family members nourish their bodies, monitor their feelings, and appear after their own health. The firm is promoting the GoBe2 smart group, which can monitor nine issues with human anatomy wellness, including rest designs and caloric intake. HEALBE features pioneered special and streamlined solutions for health-conscious people looking to determine their unique daily development toward weight-loss and workout plans.

    On new-year’s time, a lot of people resolve getting healthier by dieting or exercising more frequently. Fitness centers typically see a spike in account in January, and lose-weight-fast diet plans come to be all the rage for a couple several months. But as time goes on, people gradually shed their particular fix and drop back to outdated practices.

    Even individuals who meet their weight-loss objectives can backslide and regain the weight before the 12 months has gone out. Based on the nyc article, 80per cent of Us citizens neglect to keep their brand new Year’s resolutions.

    If folks want to get healthy and stay healthy, a single trip to the fitness center or a 30-day diet program won’t work. They should create long-term alterations to their everyday lives. Becoming healthy is not a once-a-year dedication — it takes day-to-day activity and conscious selections from getting out of bed to choose a run each morning to abstaining from midnight snacks before bed.

    In 2012, HEALBE emerged regarding world to help people stay in touch with their bodies and monitor their own advancement toward better health. The company recognized an increasing requirement for dependable all about individual eating, sleep, and do exercises behaviors, as a result it released a wearable unit that will evaluate every thing. The GoBe smart musical organization doesn’t just monitor the steps or your physical fitness — could evaluate emotional degrees and offer insights into sleep patterns too.

    This unique product has empowered people, couples, and families to achieve greater human body consciousness to make decisions that align with their health and workout plans.

    “our very own goal will be make switching habits less difficult and wiser. We founded the GoBe wearable to befriend and help individuals manage their own habits,” said Sasha Tikhomirova, fundamental Marketing Officer at HEALBE.

    HEALBE Chief Executive Officer Artem Shipitsyn is a tech entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience implementing cellular products. He heads-up a major international staff in the U.S., China, Japan, and Russia. Artem mentioned he feels HEALBE technologies can help folks see where their bodies are at and change their lifestyles for good.

    Over 35,000 People Have Embraced a healthy Lifestyle

    Since the release in 2012, HEALBE features sparked women and men of any age being a lot more alert to their unique practices and maintain a healthy lifestyle. HEALBE’s target get older is between 35 to 55 years old, but anyone can utilize the wearable groups to satisfy various health and fitness objectives. HEALBE supporters feature lovers aspiring to reduce before a wedding and dealing experts who wish to decrease their blood pressure to get a lot more rest.

    Over 35,000 people around the world have accompanied the HEALBE neighborhood and taken strides to boost their unique schedules someday at the same time.

    “we actually wish that more folks in really love with life will join,” Sasha stated. “We provide individuals looking for a significantly better life high quality, those who try to keep their health fit and have a meaningful socially energetic life.”

    HEALBE caught people’s attention with regards to released the GoBe smart group as an all-in-one fitness instrument, therefore the team features persisted to enhance on their initial layout, including additional features meet up with the needs of modern-day players, health lovers, and people.

    The newly revealed GoBe2 provides monitoring on nine health details and it is one and just wearable unit that automatically measure calorie intake, human anatomy water-level, and psychological tension. The unit utilizes patented HEALBE FLOW™ Technology to identify and evaluate alterations in you through the skin of the user’s wrist. The non-invasive innovation does not affect your daily life and certainly will provide precise readings.

    The GoBe2 also instantly syncs their info using no-cost HEALBE software, that may provide more insights and statistics relating to your health, fuel, sleep, and fitness. The HEALBE software is available in the software Store and Bing Play.

    The HEALBE staff is currently implementing an easy way to keep track of blood sugar levels by making use of a high-frequency and low-frequency pulse. This could be a fantastic help to individuals with diabetic issues.

    “we’re happy to say that HEALBE business at this time has actually significantly more than 60 patents,” Sasha mentioned. “Our GoBe2 Intelligent musical organization’s power to monitor human anatomy hydration degree and calorie intake with almost 90percent reliability is validated by the University of Ca, Davis, therefore the Red Cross Hospital in Guangzhou, Asia.”

    Inspiring greater Habits & Happier Relationships

    The GoBe2 musical organization can calculate an individual’s calorie consumption, levels of stress, rest habits, as well as other body-related variables, thus generating individuals a lot more attentive to just how their own routines impact their own health. Wearing the musical organization can motivate people to alter their own lifestyles to enable them to quicker shed weight, discover really love, begin children, and develop delight inside their daily resides.

    The HEALBE team aims to break some people’s terrible behaviors by arming all of them with details, resources, and technology. Yet, they will have gotten countless good feedback from consumers exactly who made remarkable development toward their own health targets thanks to GoBe2.

    “HEALBE is pretty precise, and I’ve lost seven weight in three days,” stated Denise Lambert-Snipes in a Facebook overview. “It keeps myself on point because i am aware it’s keeping track. Everyone loves it when it zaps me personally and informs me I experienced an emotion. It really is usually as I’m operating.”

    An Amazon customer called P.R. Elliott said, “This is the the majority of incredible product You will find ever before bought.” P.R. Elliott mentioned he had attempted similar body-tracking services found GoBe2 more advanced than them all. The guy specially praised the automatic calorie-counting function. “The best thing about here is the electricity balance,” the guy blogged. “It informs you exactly how many calorie consumption you burnt vs. what you’ve consumed.”

    Another Amazon buyer stated he lost 35 weight in 3 months compliment of HEALBE. The guy mentioned the calorie-counting element makes him more conscious of their eating and do exercises habits, in which he aims to end everyday having used up 250 a lot more unhealthy calories than the guy ingested.

    “these folks know very well what functions we want,” according to an evaluation for the application Store. “I didn’t even purchase this revolutionary product for rest tracking, plus they solved that huge problem as a plus together with resolving the reminding-me-to-drink-and-eat problem!”

    The HEALBE staff makes a concerted work to be controlled by the customers in order to stay aimed along with their health needs and workout goals.

    HEALBE Helps You stick to Track

    It’d end up being fantastic if we could all wish on a slipping star and come up with life-changing transformations in a single day, but that’sn’t the truth we live-in. Singles and partners need to get in touch with their bodies and make healthy choices in the break fast dining table, from the gym, and beyond.

    HEALBE’s GoBe2 musical organization seems their merits as a workout tool, the group wants to broaden their charm as a beauty item. An array of colourful groups has already been in the marketplace to satisfy different preferences. In the future, consumers can expect the organization to create new versions on the wearable with stylish styles. The fresh new classy GoBe3 and its more generations helps people enhance their bodies and appear good while carrying it out.

    Singles, lovers, and family members will benefit through the tried-and-true technologies of HEALBE’s fitness groups. Singles becomes more confident inside their skin and bring in healthy connections, while partners and individuals can inspire the other person to remain effective and turn into more in beat with regards to figures.

    “HEALBE would wish to provide lovers with a less complicated way to hear their bodies,” Sasha mentioned. “GoBe2, the next generation your wearable, is over a simple physical fitness or task tracker — its a life tracker.”

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